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5 Filipino Technology Inventors and Inventions You Should Know

Diosdado "Dado" Banatao

As a Filipino we should be proud of Filipino inventors and their invention in the fields of Technology and other aspects of Science.

We should be inspired by them and told their story to coming generations that yesterday Filipinos have great minds and hearts as Manny Pacquiao and Shamcey Supsup as of today.

Here are the 5 Filipino Technology Inventors and their Inventions you should really know.

1. Diosdado "Dado" Banatao Iguig Cagayan Valley Province


1. Design the first single chip, 16 bit microprocessor based calculator ( 1976 TMS 9900 by Texas Instruments)
2. Pioneered GUI (graphics User interface) accelerator ~1990
3. Contributed to design of 10 Mbit Ethernet CMOS

S3 First GUI
S3 graphics ViRGE, First Windows Graphics Accelerator. In 1989 it took S3 two years to develop the world's first single-chip Graphical User Interface (GUI) accelerator. It sold well to OEM's due to it's low price and excellent 2D performance. Way back in 1993, S3 was then considered as the third most profitable technology company in the world.

First 16 bit microprocessor
First true 16 bit microprocessor, it is single chip design version of the TI 990 minicomputer series.Unlike some CPU's which required dozens or more register saves before acknowledging a context switch. It's feature was only the single workspace register had to be changed.

Brief History:

Diosdado Banatao, from Iguig Cagayan Valley Province dubbed as Bill Gates of the Philippines for his contribution in Computer industry. He is a Filipino engineer, entrepreneur and billionaire working in Silicon valley.

Co-founded Mostron, Chips & Technologies(C&T) and S3 Graphics (S3 means Start Up number 3). He is now a managing partner of Tallwood Venture Capital investing in semiconductor technology, computing, communication and consumer platforms.

He graduated Cum Laude at Mapua Institute of Technology with BS Electrical Engineering and take his Masters of Electrical Engineering  and Computer Science at Stanford University. He is from poor family and one of the billionaires of Silicon Valley.

From barefoot to cars and jets, this is one story of one Filipino from rags to riches.

Latest updates and links with Dado:

Watch the Interview with Diosdado Banatao by Janelle in Kababayan LA 18 Last June 2011.
Diosdado Banatao Youtube Part 1 "The Filipino Bill Gates"
Diosdado Banatao Youtube Part 2 "The Humble Beginning"
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Dado Banatao Featured in " TFC Balitang America" last September 2011.
The Filipino Champion - Diosdado Banatao

Source: Wikipedia

Marc Loinaz on Popular Science Magazine
2. Marc Loinaz - Filipino from New Jersey


Invented the One Chip Video Camera

Brief History:

Ho-Hum materials from a personal computer was the beginning of One chip video camera created by the team of Loinaz at Lucent Technologies. It is small, a size of cigarette lighter, low power and cheap and can be integrated into everything from wristwatches to cars.

Contrary to CCD's ( Charge-Coupled Devices), which is relatively large, it consumes large power and complicated to designed, this one chip is also based on silicon chip found on microprocessors and memory devices.

Sitting together on  analog circuits and DSP circuits (Digital Signal Processing) on the same silicon and make them work together demonstrated the invention of this One chip video camera in CMOS.

He receive numerous awards, he has co-authored 13 papers and holds 6 U.S. patents. He has Ph.D. degree from Stanford University in mixed-signal CMOS IC design.

Marc Loinaz  MOS Image Sensor Patent

Numerous Awards:

1. Best Paper Award from the IEEE Journal of Solid-State
Circuits - 1998
2. Award for Technological Innovation from Discover Magazine - 1999
3. Distinguished Technical Staff
Award from Bell Labs - 2000

Image Sensor


Both CCD and CMOS (complementary metal-oxide semiconductor) are image sensors that convert light into electrons and the charge (electrons) accumulated are then read on each cell and converted into image.

So which is better? A CMOS or CCD Camera?

CCD have high quality, light sensitive and creates high resolution images. On the other way, CMOS sensors have typically low quality, lower light sensitivity and resolution compared with CCD but today with improvements on CMOS sensors it reach to the point that they have the same performance with CCD. CMOs sensors are cheap and consume less power.

Source: Popular Science

The Inventor of Karaoke - Roberto del Rosario

3. Roberto del Rosario


1. Invented the KARAOKE previously called Minus One - 1975
2. Invented OMB Piano - One Man Band
3. Voice Color Tape & Voice Color Code
4. Invented the Piano Tuner Guide
5. Piano Keyboard stressing device
6. Copper Wire String Winding Machine
7. Lead the passage of R.A 7459 - Inventor and Inventions Incentives Act of 1992
8. Executive Board of International Federation of  Inventors Association (IFIA) - First Filipino to attain that high post.
9. WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) Gold Medal - Best Inventor 1985

Modern Karaoke
What is Karaoke?

"Karaoke" Have you heard it? Have you sang with it? If not grab a microphone and lets sing. If you don’t have let's go to malls, bar or club and surely you will not be disappointed.

Karaoke is a Japanese word meaning kara-empty & okesotura - orchestra. Why is that it is a Japanese word not Tagalog or Filipino word?

Roberto del Rosario as a musician developed an advanced sing-along system(SAS), also known as Minus One, which was a combination of a music player, voice taping mechanism, tuner and mixer. This is also to allow his students (taking voice lessons) on his Trebel school of music to sing along the recorded music using a microphone and an amplified speaker to hear themselves.

The Japanese (Daisuke Inoue) were  quick and copy the concept and coined it Karaoke in 1979. They also see the great potential of it  in commercial markets and after a legal court battle, Roberto del Rosario got the patent in 1983 and 1986.

What is Videoke?

Videoke was born in the Philippines in 1990, it simply karaoke with Video and this is very popular to our country especially during fiesta celebration, birthdays and any occasions. Today, videoke is a multi-billion dollar global industry and it can be found everywhere around the planet, even cell phones have already a videoke application. .

OMB Piano:

It is the One Man Band, acoustic piano with a full orchestra sound accompaniment of wind, string and brass instruments to the different dance beats such as chacha, disco and the like. Another term for One man band is a person who can play different musical instrument simultaneously.

Voice Color  Code (VCC) and Voice Color Tape:

VCC is based on Scientific Pitch Sequencing Calibration, a process of recording on Minus One with 3 different voice range in 3 different colors namely Blue (low voice range), Orange (average voice range) and Green (high voice range).

Voice Color Tape on the other hand is the grouping of this multiplexed and Minus One into 3 color voice range. Know your voice range and you can now start singing on your pitch and your moment will never be the same again.

Piano Tuner Guide and Piano Keyboard Stressing Device:

How were Pianos tuned are one problem during his time and he developed a push button electronic Piano tuners guide to make piano tuning  more easier and more efficient.

His piano keyboard stressing device is to achieved piano suppleness, meaning it is flexible without breaking or deformed. He also created Copper Wire String Winding Machine for laminating and constructing the sound board.

Truly, we Filipinos are natural born singer and a lot of us really like to sing and no doubt we are very talented in music and it's technology like Bert del Rosario.

Today, with the advent of internet in our daily lives, new interactive platform for music Karaoke has been launch by Megamobile Inc.. Anyone can record song or video with just computer and the internet and it's totally free of charge. Try this one and be a rising star.

Rising Stars Site

My family and More

Gregorio Zara and his wife Miss Philippines 1933
4. Gregorio Y. Zara (March 08, 1902 - October 15, 1978) - Lipa Batangas


He contributed and patented 30 inventions all in all in Aeronautics and field of Physics.

I retrieved and consolidated only 15 of them. If you know some of them that are not listed here. Please let me know.

1. Earth Induction Compass - 1929 , patented by Belgian Government
2. Alcohol-Fueled airplane -1952
3. Invented a semi-automatic propeller making machine -1952
4. Invented Videophone (TV Telephone) - 1955, a device that permits the caller to see the picture of party being called and vice-versa.
5. Solar Water Heater (SolarSorber), heats up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit in 7 minutes.
6. Solar Stove
7. Solar battery
8. Design a wooden microscope with collapsible stage - This is made of local materials, it can magnifies up to 1500 of object diameter.
9. Contributes to Marex X-10 design - a robot capable of talking, walking and obeying commands.
10. Thermo Solar Energy Machine - 1961 , a machine to melt copper, iron and welding rods. It can reach up to 3000 degrees Fahrenheit.
11. Drinking Glass Vapor Chamber -1962
12. Airplane Propeller Design - 1963
13. First Technicolor TV receiver in the Philippines
14. Spectroscope - first in the country, used to measure properties of light waves
15. Discovered "Zara Effect"

What is Zara Effect?

Zara effect is the Law of Kinetic electrical resistance. It is the resistance to the passage of electric current when contacts are in motion.

It states that "all contacts, turning or sliding, between metals, or between carbon and metals, or between metals and mercury, or between conductors, produce a resistance to the passage of electric current which may be kinetic and/or permanent electrical resistance."

Numerous Awards:

1. Propeller Maker of the Year - 1952
2. Aeronautical Engineer of the Year - 1953
3. Presidential Diploma of Merit - 1959
4. Distinguished Service Medal
5. Presidential Gold Medal
6. Diploma of Honor for Science and Research
7. Cultural Heritage Award
8. Philippine National Scientist Award - 1978

Brief History:

Gregorio Zara is a brilliant man from Lipa Batangas, a linguist, a notable aeronautical engineer, prolific inventor and physicist. He graduated Valedictorian in High School and took his college in University of the Philippines and pursue his studies in Massachusetts Institute of Technology and graduated Cum Laude in B.S. Mechanical Engineering.

Continuing his education, he graduated Summa Cum Laude for Masters Degree in Aeronautical Engineering in University of Michigan. In 1930, He graduate Doctorate in Physics in Sorbonne University.

His famous thesis was entitled Etude du Compas Magnetique a Induction et DI Perfectionnement de cet Appareil (Study of the Compass Magnetic Induction and Development of this Device) which given him the highest honor in French "Tres Honorables" in that school.

In US this is equivalent to Summa Cum Laude for Doctorates. Due to his numerous achievements he became National Scientist prior to his death in 1978.


Rodolfo B. Biescas
5. Rodolfo B. Biescas Sr.- Bicol, Bacacay Albay December 8, 1946


1. IronMate - A switching device that automatically shuts off when flat iron is rested or not in use. It can save up to 53% of Energy consumption and cost of electricity. Portable and easy to use.

2. Car Ionizer - This machine neutralized the air inside your car by using negative ions. Negative ions help reduce fatigue and improve cognition's of a driver. It also have beneficial effects on mental and physical health.

3. Nature's Air room Ionizer - Removes airborne contaminants such as odors/fumes, smokes, dust particles and micro organisms by using activated carbon filter. The ION Emitter produces a combination of negative and positive ions in a ratio of 4:3.

This ratio causes the dust particles to be trap on the dust collector inside the unit rather than other surfaces. The excess negative ions beneficially affects human body and natures balance.

4. SuperFlame Charwood Stove - A stove made of Aluminum body, Flame control regulator and detachable components. Utilizes charcoal and woods as fuel with excellent design air vents for good combustion.

5. BricksCoal - a steady heat odorless and smokeless cooking fuel.

Numerous Awards:

1. National Inventors Week and Golden international Expo ' 93 Gold Medallist.
2. Putra World Trade Center - Bronze Medal
3. National Inventors Week Tuklas Award - 2000
4. I-TEX International Invention- 2000

Brief History:

Rodolfo B. Biescas Sr. is a bicolano and an elementary teacher turned to be an inventor. He was inventing since grade 6 and became officer of Filipino Inventors Society at 30 years old. He believes that "Necessity is not mother of all Inventions" because  there are inventions that are not necessity like inventions that causes destruction.

He start to work on problems and it's solutions and invented the " Iron Mate" - the solution to electrifying problem on every household, the higher consumption of electricity using the flat iron. According to research, 1/3 of household electric consumptions is contributed by Flat iron.

Biescas began to work on Iron Mate on the idea of Iron Maid in 1988 and filed the patent on 1990 and had been granted on 1991 saving up to 53% energy consumption. It is a portable device made of fiber plastic crystals, with stainless steel plate and heat indicator at the rear side.

He also invented the Car Ionizer for solution to the contaminated air inside the car and taxis in our country. Biscas started on the problem of death due to suffocation by carbon monoxide inside the car, the level of air particles encountered by drivers was 3 times higher to the normal level and the odors/fumes from cigarette smoking and other environmental contaminants.

With other inventions, Nature's Air Ionizer, SuperFlame Stove and Bricks coal. He receive numerous National and International awards for his outstanding inventions.

Econolux Enterprises

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It's just good to know that we have folks like them. It's sad to know, however, that they are not that known even in their own motherland. Even I do not know them until I read this post.

They need more support and more exposure. Maybe in that way, dadami ang mga katulad nila. :)

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Tama ka orange, I think they should be included in High and College school teachings.

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The Elites who control the economy, controls the education. Information will only be given to the seekers...

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Yan ang mga Filipino engineers, meek but brilliant
Manufacturing of our own technology and support should be given priorities.
Why do we highlight the board of exams of the potential would be liars ( you know what I mean)
Instead of producing more engineers, scientist ,and inventors.

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Just wandering why Mr Dingle is not included here...he was the one who invented water as car fuel.

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Wow! Mabuhay ang Filipino inventors! There's still hope in our country and the next generation.

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