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SKK Mobile CYCLOPS 2 Specs, Unboxing and Hands On Review

SKK Mobile CYCLOPS 2 - a versatile and affordable Android tablet powered by dual core CPU, 512 MB RAM, running on Android 4.2.2 JB OS on 7.0" display boosting dual SIM with phone functionality (text and call) and 3G connectivity plus TV capable for P3,799 only.

Tablet penetration in the Philippines grew from 6% in 2012 to 14% last 2013, it means that 14 out of 100 Filipinos owns a tablet last year, how about this 2014, would it be doubled?

Today, local mobile brand offers affordable tablets for as low as P2,399 (SKK Mobile EXPRESS) or even much lower, powered by either single, dual and quad core processor, some offers dual SIM/3G with phone full functionality and TV capable.

Recently, I got 2 units of tablet from SKK Mobile, the latest CYCLOPS 2 and PHOENIX+, both dual core tablets with dual SIM and TV capability.

I will be unboxing and reviewing both of them, but first, let us see what SKK Mobile CYCLOPS 2 has to offer for Pinoy consumers.

What's in the Box?

1. SKK Mobile CYCLOPS 2 Tablet Handset
2. USB Charger and microUSB cable
3. Headset / Mobile Cleaner
4. Manual and Warranty Certificate

SKK Mobile CYCLOPS 2 Price, Features and Specs

Price: P3,799
Features: Dual SIM, Dual Standby, FM Radio, USB OTG Support (can read USB's and charge other Android phones), Analog TV and Voice Capture camera feature.
Physical Design: 3 on screen capacitive buttons (Back, Menu and Recent Apps) and ~10mm slim.
CPU: 1.2 GHz dual core processor
OS: Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean - JB
Screen: 7.0" TFT Capacitive 5 point Multi-Touchscreen
Resolution: 1024 x 600
Pixel per Inch: 170 ppi
RAM: 512 MB
Internal Memory: 4 GB expandable up to 32 GB via microSD
Camera: 5 MP rear with Flash and VGA front camera
Sensors: 4 directions Gravity sensor
Connectivity: WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0, 3.5mm Audio Jack, GPS and WLAN Hotspot and 3G/HSPA+ capable
AnTuTu/Quadrant Benchmark Score: 12,543 ver 4.1 / 3426
Battery: ?
Availability/Released Date: Already in the market

SKK Mobile CYCLOPS 2 Unboxing and Hands On Review

SKK Mobile CYCLOPS 2 Unboxing - includes CYCLOPS 2 handset and box, headset, microUSB cable, USB charger, cloth as mobile cleaner, warranty card and manual.

I'll be reviewing CYCLOPS 2 tablet according to categories below so, stay tuned for an updates from time to time, I'll keep you posted.

What's my first impression with the device? - it's stylish, slim, premium looking with fluid and buttery user interface (UI) and fast transition between pages.

1. Price: 4.8/5

SKK Mobile CYCLOPS 2 is the cheapest tablet with dual SIM, 3G and TV capable combo based on my list., other cheaper Android tablets lack a built in 3G capability. So, if you are looking for tablet with phone functionality, 3G capable at affordable price, I recommend this for you - its actually a tablet and phone in ONE.

2. Physical Design: 4.5/5

What I like with CYCLOPS 2 tablet, it's slim and lightweight. Volume Keys are found at the right side with power button and microUSB port and 3.5mm audio Jack port at the top part. At the front along the screen are call receiver and front camera.

CYCLOPS 2 tablet houses for dual SIM (regular + regular), microSD card that can support up to 32 GB, TV antenna and 5 MP rear camera with flash and dual speaker grill at the bottom part of SKK Mobile logo.

3. Display: 4.5/5

SKK Mobile CYCLOPS 2 sports a 7.0" TFT capacitive touchscreen with 1024 x 600 pixels (according to Antutu benchmark tool), it is not IPS (In Plane Switching) when checking it sideways and at different angles.

Resolution: 1024 x 600
Pixel per Inch: 170 ppi
Dead Pixels: None
Multi-Touchscreen: 5-point (tested with AnTuTu Tester and Fruit Ninja Games)

4. Performance and Benchmark Scores: 4.8/5

CYCLOPS 2 tablet scored a 12,543 on AnTuTu benchmark and 3,426 on Quadrant benchmark. The higher the score, the better.
SKK Mobile CYCLOPS 2 is powered by MT6582 dual core processor (MT6582 from MediaTek should be a quad core SoC as far as I know, to be confirm if it is a latest CPU) and running on Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean which is smoother, faster and more responsive user interface (UI) compared to previous Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) version.

I experience no lag during pages transition and user interface is really smooth and very responsive.

Vellamo is a mobile benchmark app that evaluates your browsing performance and CYCLOPS 2 register a score of 1,859 on HTML 5 and 473 on METAL which determines the efficiency and performance of CPU subsystem. The higher the score, the better.

CYCLOPS 2 dual core tablet with MALI 400MP GPU register a 52.7 fps (frame per second) on NenaMark2 benchmark tool which measures real world performance of GPU as typically used by 3D games. The higher the score, the better.

Power On: ~ 20 seconds
Shutdown: ~ 4 seconds
CPU: Up to 1.3 GHz MT6582 dual core processor (based on AnTuTu, Quadrant and Vellamo benchmark tools)
OS: Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean operating system
Graphics Processing Unit: MALI 400MP GPU
AnTuTu Benchmark Score: 12,543 version 4.1.7
Quadrant Benchmark Score: 3,426 version 2.1.1
Vellamo Mobile Benchmark Score: HTML 5 - 1,859, Metal - 473, version 2.0.3
NenaMark2: 52.7 fps version 2.4

5. Camera: 4.5/5

CYCLOPS 2 5MP camera is packed with Zero Shutter delay, Voice Capture and Face detection features aside from Panorama, HDR and Continuous shot.

Rear Camera: 5 MP rear with Flash that is capable of 40/99 continuous shot and FINE video recording. It also features HDR (High Dynamic Range), Auto-capture when smile is detected, Panorama, Zero Shutter delay, Voice Capture (just say Cheese to take pictures) and Video EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization).
LED Flash: Effective distance is approximately 1 feet, good for macro shot at night.
Autofocus: None
Zoom: None
Performance: Overall performance of camera is very good in taking photos and video, sometimes I experience a delay or lag when browsing or deleting a picture and there are times that there is no picture (just a black one) when taking a photos (either on normal or HDR mode). Video recording is above average quality, good for recording your memorable moments.
Sample Pictures: (Note: below pictures are not edited)

Sample picture taken by CYCLOPS 2 tablet 5 MP rear camera lens with HDR enabled producing two different exposures of photos - the bright on the left and dark one on the right.
CYCLOPS 2 5MP rear camera can take good picture on well lighted environment. Since it is not autofocus, sometimes it's hard to make a good focus on the selected subject before taking a picture.

Mt. Makiling and a nearby Pechay farm field, taken by CYCLOPS 2 5MP rear camera.

Front Camera: VGA (1.5 MP according to AnTuTu benchmark tool)
LED Flash: None
Autofocus: None
Zoom: None
Performance: Front camera can take an average to good picture on a well lighted environment.

6. Multimedia and Games: 4.6/5

Shadowgun: Deadzone by MadFinger from Google Playstore can be downloaded directly on your microSD card and playable on CYCLOPS 2 tablet. Let us join now and fight against the best warriors from around the known Universe.

Zombie Tsunami smooth gameplay on CYCLOPS 2 tablet, compared to Android phones, gaming are enhanced and packed with excitement on tablets. Come and join me on the streets and let us chase down the living for tasty brains.

Music: .mp3 and .mp4 are playable
Video/Movies: supports .mp4, .avi and 1080p movies
Audio: produces loud sound with average quality
Games: Pre-installed with Fruit Ninja, compatible with Zombie Tsunami, Temple Run 2, Castle Clash, Farm Heroes Saga, Order and Chaos Duels and Candy Crush without lags. Shadowgun - Deadzone and Dead Trigger 2 is also working and playable.
Pre-Installed Apps: Twitter, Viber, Facebook and Google Playstore
Compatible Apps: Kingsoft Office

7. Connectivity and Functionality: 4.8/5

SKK Mobile CYCLOPS 2 is a versatile tablet featuring Analog TV, you can watch your favorite cartoons, movies, tele-dramas and news anytime and anywhere.

Dual SIM: Both regular SIM, 3G/HSPA+ is both working on SIM 1 and SIM 2.
Texting: working good
Call: working fine, call on loudspeaker is excellent
Videocall: supported
Camera Voice Capture: it's working on rear and front camera, say cheese!
LED Notification: None for incoming SMS and charging
Bluetooth: it's working
WiFi: working fine
WLAN HotSpot: amazing! it's working
3G/HSPA+: Using globe broadband SIM, it's working on SIM 1 and SIM 2 slot.
GPS: working excellent
FM Radio: working with nice reception
Analog TV: working good, depends on your location
Micro-USB: I already transfer files on PC
MicroSD card slot: working fine with 8 GB
USB OTG (On the Go): it's working (can read USB's and charge other Android phones) but not on broadband stick
Sensors: Gyro sensor is working fine, according to AnTuTu benchmark tool, it supports Proximity sensor.
How to Screenshot/Printscreen: Simultaneously press Power and Volume(-) button for 2 seconds until you hear the shutter sound.

8. Accessories: 4.5/5

Manual: I like it!, it's very detailed
Headset: working fine, with SKK Mobile Logo
USB Charger: it's working, with SKK Mobile Logo
MicroUSB cable: working good, with engraved SKK Mobile Logo
MicroSD card: Not included
Screen Protector: FREE, already installed
Mobile Cleaner: FREE

9. Battery: 4.3/5

I tried to test the battery for 3G, watching TV and playing FM radio and below are the result. I set the screen brightness to minimum and 1 SIM onboard, results are all approximation and varies with different settings.

Texting (1 SIM, moderate) - 20 hrs.
Music (.mp3) - 13.5 hrs.
Watching Movie: 11.11 hrs.
FM Radio - 9.09 hrs.
WiFi: 8.33 hrs.
3G (1 SIM only) - 7.83 hrs.
Watching TV - 6 hrs.
Games (Temple Run 2 / Zombie Tsunami) - 6 hrs. / 5.07 hrs.

Charging Time: ~3 hours and 43 minutes with handset turned OFF. You can use the unit while charging without any problem on the screen.
Charger Specs:
Input: AC 100-240V, 50-60 Hz, 150mA
Output: DC 5V, 1000 mAh

10. Durability: 4.3/5

The unit is not water, dust, fingerprint, scratch resistant so, better buy it with screen protector/leather case and take extra measures when handling it to prevent from dropping and to protect it from daily bumps of everyday life. It also comes with 1 year limited warranty.

Updates: (as of January 29, 2014)

After 18 days of aggressive use, CYCLOPS 2 OS is very stable and there is no problem encountered so far. I will keep you posted so, stay tuned for updates from time to time.

11. Defects/Bug and Improvements: 4.0/5

As of now I don't see any bugs and defects (except for the camera that sometimes no second picture on HDR mode) and I recommend an 8 GB version of this tablet.

In addition, a scratch resistant, IPS screen, a longer battery life, 1 GB RAM and autofocus camera are also a good upgrade for any upcoming CYCLOPS tablet series.

12. Verdict: 4.51/5

I gave a high score for CYCLOPS 2 Price, Performance and Connectivity, it's affordable, fast and versatile tablet.

Overall, CYCLOPS 2 is a versatile tablet - a tablet with phone functionality and 3G connectivity plus TV capable at affordable price.

You can read your favorite e-book story, play games, take pictures of your precious moments, connect to social networking sites, text and call your family/friends and watch your favorite Korean dramas during lunch time - what can you ask for?

A must have tablet for everyone this 2014!

SKK Mobile Facebook
SKK Mobile Official Site

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Angel said...

Thank you very much for the detailed review! excellent! two more questions:

1. It is OTG Capable?
2. Im confused with its processor, its really MTK6582 Why its only two cores?

Thank you!

GbSb said...

Yes po, kaso di niya supported ang broadband stick..MT6582 po ang nakikita ng mga benchmark tools, kinokonfirm ko pa sa SKK group.

Anonymous said...

Nice so nice thanks for the review i would my mother dis cyclops 2 next week

Anonymous said...

4stars -rk531

Anonymous said...

pano po Palitan young lock screen ? kasi skk mobile nklgy e salamat po

Anonymous said...

im user of cyclops 2 im a happy user sulit bili ko dito sa SKK TAB ko.

GbSb said...

Thanks for feedback, enjoy your gadget.

Anonymous said...

OK pro lahat comments at analysis,thumbs up pro tayo as performance ng Skk Cyclops 2.
Unfortunately at extended time of continuous usage I hit 3 months now,I found out that the battery starts to falter.The usual hours of consumption is gradually decreasing, till I am charging it frequently.Now it fills up really fast and is also used up quickly.I can't work with it longer now and I'm also losing many opportunities.
The worst situation of all is when I went to Bacoor Cavite service center and they made us wait for the batteries are out of stock,I waited for 2 months now and still gets a.negative response.I won't settle for other battery brands for I will be losing my year warranty.
How could I rate such poor service,and how will skk respond?

Anonymous said...

What do you do when your tablet hangs? I can seem to find any reset buttons anywhere.

Anonymous said...

the problem is when the unit hangs it hangs forever, it does'nt even have a reset botton all you need to do is w8 until the battery drain, i was very disappointed when i first used it works fine and then suddenly hang i cant even remove the battery bcoz it was build in battery

reginald roland sulit said...

i have a cyclops 3, nung una ok naman nalalaro ko ung mga games tapos ngaun hindi na mabuksan ung ibang games, pati music hindi na rin mabuksan, chineck ko ung storage , puro computing nakalagay, help naman pano aayusin , salamat

reginald roland sulit said...

pati sa file manager hindi ko rin mabuksan ung phone memory, ano ba pwede gawin?

GbSb said...

Anu po latest na App na nainstall mo? Try mo po muna un-install yun, pag wala naman, kindly pls send your queries sa SKK Mobile Facebook, baka need na ireflash yan-->

Anonymous said...

sir, where can i download its firmware copy?..

GbSb said...

Please send you queries to SKK Mobile Tech Support Facebook Page -->

Anonymous said...

i bought my cyclops 2 last Feb 20, 2014, after almost 5months of using yung battery po niya ay di na umaabot ng even 30minutes of continues using. kahit naka indicate pa na 50% ang battery charged ay bigla na lang siya nag sshutdown. sabi nmn sa reviews pwede ito gamitin kahit nag cchagred bakit ganun pa rin parang nagkaproblema ang battery niya. if it needs a replacement of a new battery magkano nmn ang price nun?

GbSb said...

Please send you queries to SKK Mobile Tech Support Facebook Page -->

Anonymous said...

nakacompress ung analog tv screen interface 4:5'. Dapat sana i-screen fit un sa cyclops2. buying a 7in" tab pero parng im

using a 5in. phone na gamit sa pag watch ng tv. other brands w same size naka screen fit. maabot sana ito sa people who can fix it.

Anonymous said...

@cyclops II
Uu nga. buti pa ung phoenix tab 3 walang black sa gilid pag nanonood ng tv(kaso bulky nga lng dalhin) Paano ayusin un?? PLS. HELP. masakit na sa mata pag dikit-dikit ang view.

GbSb said...

Please send you queries to SKK Mobile Tech Support Facebook Page -->

Anonymous said...

ok naman performance ng cyclops 2, kaya nga lng after almost 4 months lng ,,,dead na yung battery ko. pag dinala ko ba sa service center ito, mag babayad ba ako sa bagong battery nito

vincent ridovan said...

Anu ang dapat gawin kapag fake charging? Pinalitan na ng battery ganun pa rin..Di kaya pyesa or line ng motherboard ang sira?..Napalitan na ng charging pin gnun pa rin hindi pa rin ayos...

GbSb said...

May warranty pa po ba ang gadget mo? If meron pa, please send it to SKK Mobile authorized service center or please send your technical queries to SKK Mobile Tech Support Facebook Page -->

Unknown said...

Wala pro icon display as ta as yong WiFi at time Kay do ko Alan kung naka connect ako as WiFi ... Kahit yong data connect wala din display as taas ..paano Gawain ?

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