Monday, August 7, 2017

Flyff Legacy - MERCENARY Fast Leveling Guide

Flyff Legacy is a Full 3D MMORPG released this 2017 by Gala Lab and Entermate. The game is a mobile version of Flyff Online in 2005. Flyff stands for "Fly For Fun".

The game let you choose from three characters: Mercenary - specialized in strength and stamina and fast melee attacks, Acrobat - specialized in ranged attack using agility and Magician - specialized in magical attacks to inflict damages. (Updates: A second class is coming soon, stay tuned)

Leveling until 300 is very fast and one special feature of the game is "Rebirth every level 100" which allow you to boost your attributes and allow you to level up higher and become stronger.

If you love the job of mercenary, below is my short fast leveling guide.

MERCENARY Fast leveling Guide

In Flyff Legacy, the game allows you to fly around and enjoy your adventure in every quest. Overlooking the Garden of Rhisis.

  • Redeem your Madrigal's Gift - online/offline EXP (max of 12 hours) and Praise for EXP.
  • Complete the "Main Quest". It will give you massive experiences (EXP's).
  • Go to "Exchange Store", then to Daily Exchange and exchange bound gold for EXP.
  • Go to "Exchange Store", then to Magic Powder Exchange, exchange magic powder for Double (2X) EXP potions, Strength, and Stamina potions.
  • Visit the "Mokomoci's Hill" dungeon daily.(Don't forget the 2X EXP potions from step 4).
  • Check your "To do" for "Past Mission". You need bound gold for Gold achievement reward (75%) and diamond for Diamond achievement reward (100%). If you don't have enough gold, go to Saint Dock and Cloud Crater (it is better if you will enter at 12:00-14:00 or 22:00-24:00 to earn 2 times the soul bound gold).

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone, enjoy playing Flyff Legacy.

  • Complete "Suppress Quest" daily for large amount of EXP and bound diamond.
  • Visit "Coral Island" for additional EXP and high equipment drops.
  • Join a "Guild" and make a donation and buff yourself for extra EXP.
  • Join different events, party dungeons and enjoy to fly around and discovered the mysterious madrigal continent. If you have one guide to add, just let me know.
Note: Increase your mercenary stat with 50% on strength and 50% on stamina or 60% on strength and 40% on stamina. Example, for attributes of 10, give 5 or 6 to strength and the rest on stamina. You can try all strength or all stamina (tank) mercenary.

If you played Flyff Online before, why not give it a try and experience the best 3D MMORPG in Android phone. Flyff Legacy is available at google playstore and iOS.

Flyff Version: 2.7.10
Server: Serpens
Class: Mercenary
Level: 479
Smartphone System: Quad-core Processor (CPU), 3 GB RAM, Android Marshmallow

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Thank you for the advices ! :)

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Unknown said...

U cant equip better armor without agility

Anonymous said...

Coral Island, I took note of that. What is it and how do I access the island/area?
Also, does grinding in the Monster Lair have any effect on the amount of exp you can gain?

Tip: Use Magic Powder (MP) to buy Elixers of Experience and then tackle the daily story dungeons.

Unknown said...
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