Tuesday, May 8, 2018

DRAGON NEST M - Assassin's Fast Leveling Guide

Dragon Nest M - Your latest 3D MMORPG mobile game this summer 2018
Dragon Nest M is a 3D MMORPG on mobile recently released last April 2018.

I never actually played the PC version of this game and after playing the mobile game for 2 weeks and reaching level 39, I want to finished the story of chasing destiny girl Rose, the death of Gerrant, the legend of the 6 heroes and experience the unprecedented skill fighting 3D MOBA at higher levels.

You can choose from 7 classes in the game and your choice of specialization:

Warrior (Sword Master/Mercenary),
Archer (Bow Master/Acrobat),
Sorceress (Mystic/Force User),
Cleric (Paladin/Priest),
Academic (Engineer/Alchemist)
Assassin (Chaser/Bringer --> Ripper/Raven )
Kali (Screamer/Dancer -->Soul Eater/Dark Summoner) - new class, released May 24, 2018

At level 15, you can choose your first specialization and at level 45, your second specialization.

DRAGON NEST M - Assassin's Fast leveling Guide

Assassin's great skill in the game caught my attention but it needs a fast internet connection (no delay) to land its critical strikes on the opponents.

Assassin is a melee physical DPS quick fighter (agility and stamina). You can specialize either as a Chaser or Bringer and Ripper or Raven for second specialization. Chaser is a killer in shadow prepared to launch critical strikes while Bringer is talented to heal teammates and deal buff effects to them.

So which one do you like to specialized? The choice is yours.

Below are my assassin's fast leveling guide. You can reach level 20 in 4 hours, level 25 in 1 day, level 30 in 3 days, level 35 in a week, level 40 in two weeks and probably level 45 in 3 weeks time.

  • Log in daily. Claim you sign in rewards
  • Retrieve rewards from you previous activities using dragon coins.
  • Go to settings, personal info and change your name at level 5.
  • Complete the main quest, daily quest (opens at level 16) and weekly bounty mission for EXP rewards and custom house quest rewards. Use the auto attack function.
  • Complete the Abyss Stages for massive EXP rewards. Use the sweep function.
  • Claim your daily stamina, used up all your 120 stamina or more, buy stamina if you have dragon coins.
  • Create or join a guild at level 14. Don't forget to sign in.
Dragon Nest M Warrior, Archer, Sorceress, Cleric, Academic and Assassin's players patiently waiting for Horse Racing event.
  • At level 15, choose your first specialization and craft your B-Grade gear set to increase your BP and claim your moniker promotion (opens at level 18).
  • Join ladder tournament, continental explorations and battle of heroes (opens at level 20).
  • Create a perfect teamwork and challenge the Nest dungeons then craft your A-Grade gear set.
  • Join other events such as riddle party, horse racing, sky arena, guild poker, guild arena, clash of mines to name a few.
  • Enjoy dancing, fishing, planting, cooking and if you have found the right one, marry him/her. See you in Philippine (PH) server.
If you have one guide to add, just leave your message in the comment section below. Enjoy playing.

Smartphone Requirements:

OS: Android or iOS
Version: 1.1.17 (Android)
Storage: 1 GB
RAM: 2 GB or above
Connectivity: Fast Internet Connection (preferably 4G)
Compatible Smartphone(s): ASUS ZenFone 3 Max  (Android 7.0 Nougat) / Huawei Y6 2018 (Android 8.0 Oreo)

You can download the game at Google Play Store and DNM APK (supports more payments such as Mycard, Bluecoins, Molpoints etc...).

If you are looking for other 3D MMORPG mobile games, you can try Hello Hero: Epic Battle, Taichi Panda 3: Dragon Hunter and Flyff Legacy.

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