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Brother J125 vs Canon MP287 AIO Printer Specs, Price, Ink Comparison

Brother DCP J125 All in One Printer using 4 cartridge ink system

Both are ALL in One (AIO) printer capable of printing, scanning and copying but what caught my attention to Brother J125 is the Direct Photo Print, lower cost of colored document printing and using 4 cartridge ink system.

Brother DCP J125 Specs

Price: P3,650
Features: Print, Scan and Copy
Technology: Inkjet
Print Resolution: 1200 x 6000 dpi
Scan Resolution:  1200 x 2400 dpi
Print Speed: Black - 33 pages per minute (ppm), Colored - 27 ppm
Paper Size: A4, LTR, LGL, EXE, A5, A6, 4x6"

Ink Cartridges: Black - LC39 - P745, Colored - LC39 C, M, and Y - P475 each
Page Yield: Black - 300 pages, Colored - 260 pages
Cost per page: Black - P2.42, Colored - P1.83
Weight: 6.8 kg.

Brother DCP J125 Pros and Cons compared to Canon MP287

Every printer has pros and cons and choosing the right one that suit your needs will make a lot of savings and quality photos that will last more than a lifetime. Both printers are fast, versatile, good for home use and both can be converted to Continuous Ink Supply System (CISS). I recommend both of the two AIO printers.


1. Printer warm up time is 0 seconds.
2. Print Resolution (up to 6000 dpi) are higher compared to competitor Canon Pixma MP287 (4800 dpi).
3. Feature a Direct Photo Print on 1.9 inches LCD display which means that you don't need a PC to make a Photo Print.
4. Uses a 4 cartridges ink system which saves money and ink by changing only the empty cartridge compared to tri-colour cartridges that need to be disposed if one color is emptied.
5. Cost per page for Colored documents is cheaper (P1.83) compared to P3.95 for MP287


1. Printer initial cost is a little bit expensive (P200) compared to MP287.
2. One set of cartridges which includes the black and colour cost a total of P2,170 which is a bit expensive compared to it's competitor.
3. Quite heavy for 6.8 kg weight.

See Canon MP287 Pros and Cons

Brother J125 1.9 inches LCD display

CISS Conversion and Ink Refill

Continous Ink Supply System (CISS) are available for Brother DCP J125 in the market. CISS Conversion starts from P3,500 (both InkRite and Ink All You Can) which is more expensive than Canon MP287 (P2,700 - InkRite and P3,000 for Ink All You Can) . You can go to Cyberzone SM branches for Ink Rite and Waltermart for Ink ALL You Can. Ink refill is also available for only P250 per 100 mL bottle.

More on Brother DCP J125 Printer

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