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Godswar Online Mage Atlantis Solo Guide

Godswar Online Atlantis Mage Solo MAP

Atlantis Instance is a daily event of Godswar Online giving you lots of Hard Points which can be exchanges with goodies to the NPC Point Exchanger. Hard Points are accumulated and can be exchange to Attributes stone, Holystone, Goddess Stone, Promotional Insignia and other stuff to name a few.

Attributes stone and Holystone are used for gears enhancement and character development. Promotional Insignia is required for Class suit 1 and 2. At level 90, you can start going to this instance and it's very rewarding if you do it everyday.

A group of maximum 5 players can joined to Atlantis instance and it can also be done solo if you have limited time and you only want to spend less than 20 minutes. Although it's hard to solo Atlantis compare to a group of 5, it is possible to do it alone.

If you want to Solo Atlantis Instance follow this simple Guide

1. You should be at least level 110 and gears rank 6, a lower level with higher rank is also advisable. You should have a level 50 pet with merge, can merge on Atlantis ( Pet amity above 40) and with HEAL or Extraction skills. You should have Flame Blast (FB) on auto attack slot. You can also put Flame Blast in Zodiac slot to increase or enhance its attack power.

Godswar Online Mage Atlantis Solo Guide

2. Upon entering the Atlantis portal, countdown timer starts at 40 min. Use your Five Star Form skill (reduced physical and magic damage) and kill those first 6 mudskipper and wait until timer reach 30min. Waiting time depends on your level and equipment. You can try to wait until 25 min or more. Note: Mermaid spawn at 30min

3. Move to the top part (point 1 shown in yellow x mark in the map) and activate pet merging. Slowly move forward until Atlantis mobs spawn in your location and start auto casting Flame Blast. You can also lure down the mobs to point 2. Make sure you are not caught with mermaid. Mermaid really takes a lot of damage so you better avoid it.

4. Prioritize those elites (use the TAB on your keyboard). The more mobs in a group and with range with Flame Blast (FB), the better. This will only last a few minutes until pet merge is finished. You can collect a minimum of 1000 or 1200 Hard points with this strategy everyday.

Atlantis Score and it's Equivalent Hard Points

Godswar Online Atlantis Score and it's Equivalent Hard Points

Why Mage can Solo Atlantis and other classes cannot?

The key skill that is unique to Mage is the Flame Blast (FB). FB is an AOE skill damaging group and nearby mobs per second and this is very effective against Atlantis mobs. With the combination of Heal/Extraction skill of your pet and Flame Blast (FB) skill, it will give you 180 per second healing points (depends on the skill level of your pet)

Also, Pet merging boost your stats, increase your defense and offense making you sustain large amount of damage, your almost immortal during this time. I leave you to try to experiment with other tricks or strategy in conquering Atlantis with Mage. You can also use Anima or Blood potion (100HP/sec and 500Hp/sec) after merge and wear pure anti magic gears and equipment.

Enjoy playing Godswar Online!

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