Tuesday, April 17, 2012

How to PASS the PRC ECE Board Exam on your FIRST TAKE?

How to PASS the PRC ECE Board Exam on your FIRST TAKE?

I pass the PRC ECE (Electronics and Communications Engineering) Board Exam with 80% self review on my FIRST TAKE.

I wrote this article to share to you for those who are willing to PASS the ECE board exam either on your first, second or third take.

 I want to share with you how I do it, the technique and strategy I used and how much effort and time I invest on it.

PRC ECE board exam is composed of:

1. Multiple choice questions (4 or 5 choices) and what comes in my mind? Pick one answer and you have a minimum of 25% or 20%  chance to get a correct answer, right?

2. 4 subjects ( Math, Electronics, ESAT and GEAS). During my time it's only Math, Electronics and Communication. Don't take for granted one subject because every subject is vital and important.

3. National Passing rate range at most at 50%, it means you have 1/2 chance to fail.

How to PASS the PRC ECE Board Exam on your FIRST TAKE?

Passing the ECE Board Exam depends on your:

1. Plan
2. Materials and Resources
3. Study and Exam Techniques
4. Time
5. Luck
6. Prayers


Do you want to pass the ECE board exam on first take? or you want to land on TOP 10 or TOP 20? So you have to decide and make it a goal. Better plan it ahead of time than everyone else.


You need reading material, books, questionnaires and ECE review online materials are very helpful. You also need financial resources. Start collecting books and materials related to exam coverage. You can borrow books and reading materials to your classmates, friends or to your older brothers and sisters who took same course with you.

PRC ECE Board Exam Using Dale Cone of Experience Technique



Before I start the review process, I accidentally found an article about Study technique SQ3R - Survey, Question, Read Recite and Review. I used this technique during my review and pass it on to my sisters who took PRC LET Board Exam and what can I tell you? They also pass and it's very effective.


I took a regular review on one of many ECE review center in Sampaloc, Manila and it really helps, the materials, the motivation and the new trends happening on the ECE board exam. I don't take the refresher class on any review center.


Like what I said, ECE board exam is multiple choice, so you have 75-80% ( chance of choosing the wrong answer), pretty high huh? In addition, national passing rate ranges from 20-50% so you have a 1/5 to 1/2 chance of passing. So, we have a high chance of failing than passing but how do we avoid that?

ECE comprises of 4 subjects with different weights, Math - 20% , GEAS - 20%, Electronics - 30% and ESAT - 30%. One technique is devoting more review time to Electronics and ESAT rather than Math and GEAS. 20% difference is really a high advantage and will definitely pull up your average grade.

Here is my ECE Study Guides and Exam Techniques:

How to PASS PRC ECE Board Exam using SQ3R Method
PASS the PRC ECE (Electronics Engineer) Board Exam in 40 days
PRC Approved Calculators for ECE - Casio FX-991ES Specs and Review
ECE/Electronics Board Exam Sample Questions - Review and Analysis
5 Reasons Why PRC ECE Board Examiners Failed the Board Exam


You want a full time review or a part time review due to your work? PRC ECE Board exam is scheduled April and October of the year. After you graduated at college, you have a 6-5 months review time before the scheduled exam. 4 months is just a right time but 6 months review will give you an edge.


Do you believe in LUCK? What is the chance that what have you read and review will appear on the board exam? The best thing to do is read as much as you can and do the read, recite and review technique and your luck will increase.


Don't to forget to pray to god that He will give you knowledge, wisdom and strength you needed in time of review and exam.

This is just the beginning, good luck and study hard! Hope it helps.


rona said...

Congrats on passing the board. I just don't know if this greeting is still timely. Lol. But you know,this post will definitely help a lot of newly grads who are looking forward to take board exams. Thumbs up to this share!

GbSb said...

Thanks Rona for the greetings. Hope I can share a little help to them.

Anonymous said...

hey! napadaan lang ako dito sa blog mo.. sana makatulong to pag -nagreview ako sa october 2012 God willing.hope u could help me.. and im really sure this is a BIG hep! thanks. email me at valerie_07@ymail.com.. thanks :) take care always

Anonymous said...

How do I pass if I only got 1 week to really review the whole thing? Studying and working at the same time is really hard...

GbSb said...

Its very hard to do both (working and reviewing) and you have a slim chance of passing but its still a chance.

I recommend at least 40 days of intensive review.

Anonymous said...

Hello. Thank you for posting this helpful blog...

GbSb said...

Your welcome, Good luck to all examiners..

Anonymous said...

hi.. thank you for this blog.. i'm much more motivated now for oct 2013 exam..

micmejia said...

I've written this article after passing the board last 2005:


There are new subjects now, but the suggested review procedures, etc. might still help. Good luck to all future Electronics Engineers!

GbSb said...

Thanks MicMejia for additional reading info. For my blog readers, fyi.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to your blog it helps my boyfriend to be motivaed..godbless...can i ask during your time what book i mean author of a reviewer helps u a lot...?Marami na lumabs na question?

GbSb said...

Yung mga 1001 questions po at mga past board exam questions ay importante. almost 80% ay basic principles and lumalabas at may few na latest technology.

Villamor, Cuervo at Tiong po ay big help.

Anonymous said...

Sir pwede pong makahingi ng mga reviewer sa ECT board exam at ECE board exam na din po? heto po pala ang e-mail address ko mamond_exiled@yahoo.com. maraming maraming salamat po.

GbSb said...

I suggest po yung mga 1001 Questions na book saka compilation ng question of the past board exams para madevelop ang skills mo sa pag answer ng multiple choice.

micmejia said...

here's the latest link to the article I previously shared : http://how-to-pass-ece-board-exam.blogspot.com/

God bless everyone.

GbSb said...

Thanks for additional info micmejia, for my blog readers, kindly pls visit his blog.

Anonymous said...

i am taking an equivalency in ece this coming 3rd week of june. kelangan din ng board nun after diba. i am worried kasi baka yung knowledge na makukuha ko sa equivalency will lack. kaya i really need some help if ever,. im working and in the type of job i have medyo kukulangin sa oras. im a revenue collection clerk in L.G.U. and i do most of my job on the field. what suggestions can you give m? thanks in Advance..

GbSb said...

Hi, wala po kasing substitute sa time kaya ang pwede mong gawin ay review techniques na lang at luck kasi multiple choice ang exam, try this technique if applicable sayo --> http://gb-sb.blogspot.com/2012/04/how-to-pass-prc-ece-board-exam-using.html

Ikstrem Mates said...

Don't to forget to pray to God that He will give you knowledge, wisdom and strength you needed in time of review and exam.

Anonymous said...

I'll be taking the exam this coming october and naghahanap po ako ng tips and i found your blog. Thanks for sharing it. It really helps alot. Ngayon palang din kasi po ako magsisimula magaral and 4.5 months nalang before the exam. Thanks for telling that 4months is enough. I know its enough. May mga nagsasabi lang na ndi daw kaya nararattle po ako hehe

Anonymous said...

can you please name that 40-day review school ? or suggest any? thanks

Anonymous said...

Just passed the board exam . This article helped me a lot.

Anonymous said...

I made it im the top 1 in the last board exam in ECE and this article made me to the top! thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

What if kung hindi mo macredit yung natutunan mo sa school like you have to learn it all over again rather than just review. How many months can that take?

Mickel Bush said...

These are just wonderful tips. I am glad you shared these here to help others out there. Nowadays one can find a lot of help for their exams. The internet has made it easy to find best prep material for free. I am also preparing for LSAT and going to join the best online Best LSAT Prep Course for that.

Arjun Kapoor said...

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