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How DOST Dengue Mosquito OL Trap Works? - Preparation Procedure

Materials Needed When Preparing DOST Dengue Mosquito OL Trap includes (1) Black plastic cup or can (2) OL pellets and water (3) Old toothbrush (4) Small lawanit paddle.

Year 2010 was the starting point of Department of Science and Technology (DOST) in search for solution to decrease or prevent the occurrence of dengue outbreak in our country.

Dengue virus is transmitted by Aedes Aegypti mosquito, one single bite of infected mosquito is enough to cause infection and the virus has 4 different types. Infection with one type will give you lifelong immunity and short-term immunity to other 3 types.

Dengue appear as early as 1779 and became a world problem during World War 2. Dengue virus infected people (80%) only have mild symptoms and others have severe illness (5%).

Symptoms of Dengue are sudden-onset fever (as high as 40 degrees Celsius), headache, muscle and joint pain and rashes. As of now there is no vaccine for dengue and prevention was done by reducing mosquito's habitat and exposure to bites.

Aedes Aegypti mosquito has a life span of 2-4 weeks but their eggs can survive in dry state in 1 year and can hatches on rainy seasons. One female Aedes Aegypti mosquito can lay nearly a thousands eggs in her lifetime and they lay eggs on different places and occasion.

Aeges Aegypti mosquito's are attracted to chemicals emitted by mammals including humans. These chemicals includes, lactic acid, carbon dioxide, ammonia and octenol. The female needs blood to allow her eggs to mature for laying.

DOST Mosquito OL Trap works by attracting the female mosquito to lay her eggs on the  lawanit paddle and killed by OL solutions in the cup or can.

How DOST Mosquito OL (Ovicidal/Larvicidal) Trap Works?

DOST Mosquito OL trap works by trapping the eggs and larvae of Aedes Aegypti in their laying site (can or cup) with active organic solution and killing them in the process before hatching and going to adult stage. The following are components of OL mosquito trap kit.

1. Black Color of Can or Cup - Dengue carrying female mosquito are attracted with color black. The can or cup holds the active solution for killing the eggs and larvae.

2. OL Pellets and Water - It makes OL solution that contains Ovicidal and Larvicidal with active components made from organic materials that attract and kills the eggs and larvae of dengue carrying mosquito.

3. Lawanit Paddle - attract Aedes Aegypti mosquito to lay and serve as trap for her eggs.

How to Prepare Dengue Mosquito OL Trap

1. Prepare black painted Can or Plastic cup, OL pellets, 1 x 6.5 inches lawanit paddle, 250 mL water and old toothbrush.

2. Put 250 mL of Tap water into the black plastic cup.  Use the line on above the logo of the DOST in the cup as reference (picture with #2).

3. Pour one pack of OL pellet into the water.

4. Dip the lawanit paddle into the solution with the rough surface facing up until saturated with the solution.

Step by Step Procedure in How to Prepare Dengue Mosquito OL Trap

5. Put the black plastic cup inside or outside your house in a low-lying area. Keep out of reach of children and animals. If outside, keep away from rainfall and sunlight. Don't spill the contents of the cup.

6. Leave undisturbed for 6-7 days.

7. Brushed off the mosquito eggs from paddle on the solutions. Be sure that no eggs are left on the paddle.

8. Disposed the solution into dry ground. The procedure can be repeated weekly.

The cost of OL trap kit is P20 excluding the OL pellets (cost P2) and if DOST/DOH will distribute 1 million nationwide free of charge, then it will cost P22 Million. Is 1 mosquito OL trap in place at school/home effective or do we need a minimum of 2 OL trap or even 3?

Remember, female Aedes Aegypti lay eggs on different places and occasion. For the OL trap to become effective there should be more than 1 trap and placed at different location.

Maybe we can help DOST/DOH by using recyclable materials in making the OL Trap. For the black cup, a black soft drinks plastic bottle will do or a cup or glass that is wrap by a black art paper will make also a good substitute.

I hope we could find an easy way to make a home made dengue mosquito OL trap.

Where to BUY OL Trap Kit?

DOST OL Trap Kit is manufactured by Heritage Veterinary Corporation and marketed by CZARY TECHNO INDUSTRIES in Quezon City. Look for GM Ms. Minette S. Trajano. Cellphone number: 09062970646, Email:

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