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How Dream LiDAR Works? - Philippine Real Time FLOOD Forecasting

Dream LiDAR will provide FLOOD Forecast to vulnerable communities against hazards.

One of the 8 components of DOST Project NOAH  aside from Weather Hazard Information Project and Landslide Sensors Development is Dream LiDAR (Disaster Risk Exposure Assessment for Mitigation - LiDAR).

LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) is Philippines first 3D mapping of 18 major river basins and provides real-time forecasting of hazard maps. It is a powerful tool that produces accurate high resolution topographic 3D maps including watersheds in the country.

This technology has been in existence for 20-30 years  and commercial applications has only been developed a decade ago.

How Dream LiDAR Works - Flood Forecasting

Project Started: 2012
Cost: P1.6 Billion
Personnel: 50 (Scientists and Engineers)
Aircraft: 2 Cessna 206
Data Center: UP National Engineering Center
Completion: December 2013

The basic components of LiDAR system are laser scanner and cooling system, Global Positioning System (GPS) and Inertial Navigation System (INS).

The scanner is properly mounted on aircraft and emits infrared laser beams at higher frequency. The system can be operated at various scan frequencies and different altitudes.

LiDAR have vertical accuracy of plus and minus 20 centimeters compared to Philippine maps (10 meters) and Google 2D maps (20 meters).

Dream LiDAR program is implemented by University of the Philippines (UP) with two modified Cessna 206 aircraft to carry the LiDAR.

It will have 500 days allocated flying for data gathering and will be process at the project office in UP National Engineering Center to generate Digital Elevation models.

With reliable data, information and corresponding warning to vulnerable communities against floods, hazards can be communicated at least 6 hours before they arrive.

The 3D maps will also be used in areas of forest inventory, environmental monitoring, infrastructure planning, fault line mapping, archaeological surveys and assessment and government revenue management.

Philippine Information Agency
What is LiDAR?

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