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Mythic Saga Assassin Fast Leveling and Skill Build Guide

Mythic Saga Assassin Class on Forgotten Tomb NPC

Mythic Saga is one of many 2.5D action browser game based on Chinese legendary heroes. As I first played the game, it has improved Crystal Legacy game features.

If you play Godswar Online it has also similarities from types of classes, presence of mounts and zodiac leveling and if you already play Bubble Ninja resting or meditation gives you EXP and Energy.

As you start to play the game, there are only 4 classes to chose from, Warrior, Assassin, Mage and Priest. But which one is the best?

Mythic Saga 4 Classes Features

1. Warrior - Given with strength of Gods made them the tank of the game. Possesses high health, high defense and high melee attacks.
2. Assassin - The fastest attacker in the game imbued with high dodge, powerful poison attacks, invisibility and high critical.
3. Mage - The master of elements capable of destroying large group of enemies with powerful AoE magic attacks.
4. Priest - The healer of the game and holds the power of life and death and their hands. It can also polymorph enemies into mushroom.

Mythic Saga Assassin Skill Build

Assassin Fast Leveling Guide

I chose assassin because I want to experience the character features which I expect different from other 2.5D or 3D browser games. As I played the game, I notice it's unique skills which is invisibility and poison attacks which makes me more curious and I think this will be the advantage of choosing assassin to other classes.

In less than 2 days playing non stop, you can level up as much as level 35 and became a bit slower going to level 40. To level up faster you can do the following guides and strategy to unlock skills and join the ranks of high level players in your server.

1. Daily Quest - Do the Quest ( Bounty quest and Arm supplies) and it will give you lots of Exp rewards. The game features auto tracking so it is easy to finished those quest. Use the auto combat to kill monsters in AFK mode. Assign skills, health potions, party, pick up settings and even the range of auto combat can be set at your comfort.

2. Use VIP PASS - The game will give you VIP pass as a beginner and don't forget to use it. With VIPS pass you are given with privileges bonus such as 10%+ EXP,  10 free teleport's, 10 free way point scrolls, VIP bonus offline EXP, enjoy up to 12 auctions, access to warehouse and medicine shop anywhere.

3. Offline EXP and Energy Reward - With VIP pass you will enjoy 2X or double offline EXP reward for 8 hours. This is very important because EXP is so HUGE. For example, imagine a 68,400 EXP doubled every 8 hours when your offline.

You can also use Offline EXP Orb to make it 3x or 4x EXP reward. Don't forget to claim your rewards daily.

4. Daily Instance - Enter the forgotten tomb and the Sunken Palace daily and large EXP awaits your bravery. 

5. Genius Scroll and Wheel of Fortune - Use genius scroll to enjoy 100% EXP increase either you meditating , killing a monster or making a quest. Don’t forget to try your luck in wheel of fortune every 3 hours to let you enjoy 2x EXP.

6. Meditation - Gives you EXP and Energy every 20 seconds of meditation. Energy can be used to upgrade your zodiac thus, increasing your character attributes.

Enjoy the game and see you at server 4.

Mythic Saga

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