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MediaTek MT6577 vs MT6589 Processor Comparison - Dual or Quad Core?

Latest MediaTek MT6589 SoC - All in One Cortex-A7 Quad-Core CPU, PowerVR Series 5XT GPU and 3G/HSPA+ Modem

MediaTek recently unveils it's latest quad-core SoC (system on chip), the successor of MT6577 dual-core SoC available to mid to high-end Android Smartphones and tablets worldwide.

SoC or System on chip is an integrated circuit, that integrates electronic system in a single chip, it consume less power, lower cost and high reliability. In layman's term, it includes CPU, GPU and modem in a single chip for smartphone application.

The new quad-core MT6589 SoC integrates power efficient quad-core Cortex-A7 CPU, PowerVR Series 5XT GPU from Imagination technologies and advanced UMTS/HSPA+/SCDMA modem.

It is the world's first HSPA+ smartphone platform supporting Dual SIM, Dual ACTIVE functionality in 28 nm process technology.

MediaTek MT6577 Dual-Core vs MT6589 Quad-Core Processor Comparison

Price: Design for $200 or P8,000 Entry to Mid range Smartphones  (MT6577), Mid range to High End  >$200 or P8,000 and above (MT6589)

Launch Date: MT6577 - June 2012, MT6589 - December 2012

Features: Cortex-A7 is the most power efficient application processor ARM has ever developed. Cortex-A9 is also power efficient for high performance choice.

CPU: Dual-Core ARM Cortex-A9 (MT6577), Quad-Core  ARM Cortex-A7 (MT6589)

GPU: PowerVR Series5 SGX (MT6577), PowerVR Series 5XT (MT6589). Series 5XT are multicore variants of SGX series with some updates.

Modem: 3G/HSPA (MT6577), 3G/HSPA+ (MT6589). HSPA+ is faster and provides higher download rates than HSPA.

How will Filipinos respond to this latest technology?

Majority of affordable dual-core Android Phone in the Philippine market today are using MT6577. Global ( Lenovo and Alcatel) and Local Mobile brands such as MyPhone, Cherry Mobile, StarMobile and Torque uses this affordable SoC.

In 6 months time from the release of MediaTek MT6577, below are the following Android phones that utilizes the power of performance and affordability that benefit Filipinos from advancement of technology.

MyPhone A848i DUO, MyPhone A878 DUO, MyPhone A888 DUOMyPhone A898 DUO, MyPhone A919 DUOCherry Mobile TITANStarMobile ASTRA and CRYSTAL and upcoming Torque DROIDZ Atom, Blast, Motion and Life.

If I miss something, please let me know.

So, what local mobile brand will be the first one to use Quad-Core MT6589 processor and when should we expect that?

I hope it will be on 2nd quarter 2013 and lets wait for that.

Updates: It is official, MyPhone A919i DUO and Cherry Mobile OMEGA HD 2.0 are powered by 1.2 GHz quad-core MT6589 processor and already available in the Philippine market.

ARM Cortex-A9ARM Cortex-A7
MediaTek MT6577MediaTek MT6589
Wikipedia PowerVR

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