Tuesday, August 21, 2012

PAGASA Tracks New Typhoon JULIAN - A Possible Fujiwhara Effect with IGME

PAGASA Typhoon JULIAN and IGME - Will it create a Fujiwhara Effect?

New Typhoon with International name BOLAVEN was sighted by PAGASA 1550 km East of Northern Luzon as of 11 am August 22, 2012. It is expected to enter the Philippine Area of Responsibility in 1 day (now already on PAR) and will be called Typhoon JULIAN - the 10th typhoon for 2012.

PAGASA Typhoon JULIAN/BOLAVEN Forecast Tracks

Coordinates: 25.1N, 129.8E
Forecast Track:
(1) 830 km Northeast of Basco, Batanes (Outside of PAR) - Sunday Afternoon
Strength: 175 kph
Gustiness: 210 kph
Rain Volume: 10-35mm/hr (Moderate-Heavy) within 700 km.
Movement: Northwest at 15kph
Distance from Land: 850 km Northeast of Basco, Batanes as of 4am August 26, 2012

What is Fujiwhara Effect?

There are two typhoons inside Philippine Area of Responsibility as of today, Typhoon JULIAN and IGME and a possible interaction will take effect as they approach at distance of 1500 km between each other. This interaction is called "Fujiwhara Effect" discovered by Sakuhei Fujiwhara - a Japanese Meteorologist in 1921.

The interaction will rotate in a common center pivot point. One scenario of Fujiwhara Effect is Typhoon IGME will make a u-turn while Typhoon JULIAN is traversing Taiwan-Okinawa and the two will dance to each other or act like a seesaw.

So, everybody is advised to monitor weather from time to time and prepare in advanced. You can check PAGASA DOST Project NOAH for rainfall monitoring and Doppler radar readings in your area.

Typhoon2000 Bolaven
Wikipedia Fujiwhara Effect

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