Sunday, September 30, 2012

Wings of Destiny PH - Ranger vs Stalker Skill Build Guide

Wings of Destiny Philippines - Hunter at level 40 waiting to become Stalker

This is my 2nd time to play 3D MMORPG IGG games aside from Godswar Online. Unlike Godswar, starting from 4 classes, you can make a change job or promote your character to other 6 classes with different skill build and this is very exciting because all players are waiting to activate this feature.

I chose Hunter because it's agile and fast and can be promoted to Ranger or Stalker. They have different skill build and I think both of them are playable in the game.

In my previous game Godswar Online, I chose warrior with full HP and reflect damage build. So, I'm thinking right now what is the best build for Hunter?

WoD Ranger vs Stalker Skill Build - Which is Better?

As of now I'm level 40 hunter and changing job/promotion to Ranger or Stalker is not yet activated in the game. Our Server 1 Hope Canyon highest level character so far is 57 and my idea or insight that changing job will happen in level 60.

So, which is better between Ranger or Stalker?

Wod Hunter Change Job to Stalker - Skills and Effects

Hunter to Ranger - Change Job Skills and Effects

1. Attack increased by 10%
2. CRIT increased by 15%
3. Additional Skills:
a. Falcon Shot - Guarantee 3 critical damage in 3 consecutive hits
b. Light Arrow - 50% of damage dealt are converted into HP.
c. Flash Shot - 2 magical arrows in rapid succession, deals physical damage.

Hunter to Stalker - Change Job Skills and Effects

1. Attack increased by 10%
2. EVA increased by 15%
3. Additional Skills:
a. Twilight Arrow -  Shots an arrow of darkness and deals physical damage plus summoning a twilight guardian to fight for you.
b. Stealth - Shrouds you in darkness preventing you from attack.
c. Dark Soul - increase EVA and HIT by 100%

As you will notice, Ranger and Stalker are different build. Ranger deals with high damage while Stalker is more evasive. So, which of the two is right and best build.

I will choose Stalker build because that's the essence of being a Hunter. If you really want a killer build dealing large amount of damage, you should choose Mage.

With Stalker build you will be an anti-mage, evading it's powerful magic attack and surprise them using your stealth skills. Concentrated attack plus Impact Shot with added Dark Soul and the element of surprise will wipe out your enemy in seconds.

So, Which build do you want to be? Ranger or Stalker?

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Anonymous said...

If i choose A Ranger job your damage and critical will increase. so you will an Anti Knight. You can kill knight faster because there are dealing more damage and has an big chance to critical. Ranger class has an life steal to so if knight attack the ranger the 50% damage dealt will be converted into life. and Ranger can surprise knight by using the skill The Flash shot It's Dealing more damage. so.... i choose ranger i think. because i hate knights

GbSb said...

It depends on what build you will be enjoying and every character is playable and have it's own strength and weakness.

Anonymous said...

I will choose Stalker. I like to evade attack using Dark Soul with a rune(400% EVA and HIT). There are also Twilight Arrow helps you to kill enemies with a rune(80% Current ATK of Stalker). I use this to run away from enemies in Coloseum. I use Escape and Stealth.

Anonymous said...

what is your combo skill in stalker?..that can kill even the crusader or berserker class

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