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Wings of Destiny PH - HUNTER Fast Leveling and Skill Guide

Wings of Destiny PH HUNTER - Agile and Accurate Ranged Class

Latest epic between heaven and mortal realms 3D MMORPG browser game from IGG for Filipinos is Wings of Destiny Philippines (WoD PH). I love IGG games such as Godswar Online and they really produce great Massive Multiplayer Online RPG which you will love too.

Wings of Destiny PH was finally launched in September 4, 2012 after it's beta testing and it is quite addicting. Comparing it to Godswar Online, starting classes are only 4 types, you can own a mount and pets, angelic story and 3D graphics scenery are very good.

Classes can be promoted up to 8 types with different specialty and I choose to became hunter because I want a different game that is fast, accurate and cool.

What caught my attention in the game is the Guild Siege Wars. As a member of a guild you have to protect your guild crystal pillars from other guilds by building defense and attacking in teamwork.

Claimed crystal pillars will contribute to your Guild's bonuses. This system is really a unique type and very interesting.

Wings of Destiny PH 4 Classes

1. Knight - Given with highest HP and Defense of all 4 classes. A versatile class able to specialize either a Crusader or Berserker. As a tank of the game, it can absorb large amount of damage and protecting it's team members.

2. Hunter - A ranged class with high agility and accuracy. Kills it's target with the use of arrows enchanted with magic spells. Able to specialize as Ranger and Stalker.

3. Mage - Deals a huge amount of magic damage using powerful ranged skills. With it's wide array AOE and Single target skills, it can turn the tide of the battle. Able to specialize as Sage or Warlock

4. Priest - the healer and support of the game. Enhance team's HP and buff statuses and can be promoted to Cleric and Inquisitor.

WoD PH HUNTER Attributes and Common Skills such as Concentrated and Impact Shot

Wings of Destiny PH - HUNTER Fast Leveling Guide

Leveling on this type of game is a race against other player. Reaching level 30 enable you to get 300 free vouchers and level 40 - 400 free vouchers on 1 Million Vouchers Giveaway of the game, until supply last only.

To level up faster, you can do the following tasks.

1. Use EXP Rune 1, 2 or 3 to increase EXP by killing monsters.
2. Do all MAIN quests and afterwards SIDE quests.
3. Use Wings Tip to instantly teleport to quest location rather than using the auto path.
4. Always claim Offline EXP Rewards.
5. Join the events such as Land of Purity (Level 25-70) which gives you 148 EXP every 10 seconds for 30 minutes.
6. Doing this tasks allows you to reach level 32 in 1 day and leveling to 33 and above becomes a little bit harder and you need to enter dungeons and join more events to gain high EXP.

WoD PH - HUNTER Skill Build Guide - Ranger vs. Stalker?

As  I progress in the game I have a lot of questions, what level of hunter should I be promoted or change my job and which is better a Ranger or Stalker?

What is hunter class for? Is it anti knight or anti mage?

As I study hunters skills and other skills of classes, Hunter is both anti-Knight and anti-Mage. It depends on the what specialize class you want to be.

If you want to use Impact shot and trap skills it is anti-knight while invisibility/concealment skills plus concentrated shot is against mage.

Keep up leveling and see you there!

Wings of Destiny Official Site

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how to craft items from f.ex. iron ore i wings of destiny?

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