Thursday, March 7, 2013

DOST Dengue Monitoring Alert System goes Online

With DOST Dengue Monitoring Alert System Map, our country is one step ahead to combat denque outbreaks. 

Department of Science and Technology (DOST) developed a Dengue monitoring alert system in collaboration with DepEd, DOH and DILG.

It will enable to public health practitioners to check out high risks areas for dengue outbreaks and come up with intervention measures.

The website, is a "vector surveillance" tool containing data and information about Aedes Aegypti mosquito - the organism that transfer dengue virus to humans.

The site will monitor Ovicidal/Larvicidal (OL) trap installed in various schools which will show Aedes Aegypti mosquito density population in a certain area.

DOST Dengue Monitoring  Alert System Color Coding

Green - signals an index of less than 20% which calls for close monitoring of hygienic conditions and conduct weekly inspections to identify possible dengue mosquito breeding sites.

Yellow - an index of 20- 39% which means that local officials must conduct special operations to eliminate all breeding and potential breeding locations.

Red - marks an index of 40% and above, concerned officials and institutions need to conduct pest control measures.

Public health practitioners can check out weekly trends on the monitoring map and recommends actions to be taken by community leaders.

This system puts our country one step ahead of the dengue menace especially during rainy season.

How to Prepare and How DOST Dengue Mosquito OL Trap Works

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Anonymous said...

This is a good strategy that DOST has implemented. However, I think there are still some loopholes regarding on this matter.

Most of the barangay officials don't pay attention to pest control precautions unless there is a widespread mosquito breakout.

I think everyone should be responsible in maintaining the cleanliness of their surroundings.

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