Saturday, April 20, 2013

DOST Develop Biodegradable Plastic Packaging thru Nanotechnology

DOST developed a biodegradable plastic packaging made from Nanoclay and Cornstarch to help protect the environment.

We commonly used plastic packaging that is not biodegradable and when not properly disposed, it causes waterways clogging and contributes to flooding - a major problem in cities in our country.

Some cities already banned the use of plastics and instead used paper for packaging but plastics are good for protecting and extending food shelf life and very convenient to use.

DOST Biodegradable Plastic - Nanoclay + Cornstarch

Recently, a team of scientist from DOST-ITDI (Department of Science and Technology - Industrial Technology Development Institute) came up with a biodegradable plastic packaging made from Nanoclay and Cornstarch.

Nanoclay is made from nanotechnology concept (things are structured at atomic and molecular levels), the clay is treated with ions in a process called ions exchange which results in wider spaces between the layers of the clay.

Nanoclay is blended with thermoplastic starch made from Cornstarch to increased plastic strength and it undergo same process in making petroleum-based plastics.

The resulting product passed the migration test and I hope Philippine plastics industries and Filipinos will used biodegradable plastic packaging sooner to better protect our environment.


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