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PAGASA List of Typhoon Names for 2014, 2018 and 2022

Supertyphoon YOLANDA/HAIYAN traversing cental Philippines with recorded gustiness of 260 kph as of 11pm Nov. 7, before making a landfall on Guiuan Eastern Samar, Tolosa Leyte, Daanbantayan Cebu, Concepcion Iloilo, Cuartero Capiz and Busuanga Palawan on November 8, 2013.

Philippine was hit by supertyphoon "YOLANDA/HAIYAN" - 4th strongest tropical cyclone in the world, last November 2013 leaving more than 6 thousands of dead and 36 billions of pesos (as of January 2, 2014) in damages in Visayas region and other parts of the country.

Our country was visited by 20 typhoons every year on the average and since we are archipelago and surrounded by bodies of water and oceans, we are vulnerable on climate change effects.

As a natural laboratory of strong typhoons and climate disasters, accurate weather forecasting, latest technology (use of IBM BLUE Gene Supercomputer), disaster preparedness and awareness (DOST Project NOAH) should be in place in order to help us to mitigate disaster effects and lessen deaths.

Below are PAGASA list of typhoon names for 2014 and 10 auxilliary names in case it exceeded the 25 typhoon names.

PAGASA List of Typhoon Names for 2014, 2018 and 2022

1st. AGATON - Forecast track as of January 17, 2014
2nd. BASYANG - Forecast track as of January 30, 2014
3rd. CALOY - Forecast track as of March 21, 2014
4th. DOMENG - Forecast track as of April 6, 2014
5th. ESTER
6th. FLORITA - Forecast  track as of July 6, 2014
7th. GLENDA - Forecast track as of July 13, 2014 
8th. HENRY - Forecast track as of July 18, 2014
9th. INDAY - Forecast track as of July 29, 2014
10th. JOSE - Forecast track as of August 2, 2014
12th. LUIS - Forecast track as of September 12, 2014
13th. MARIO - Forecast track as of September 17, 2014
14th. NENENG
15th. OMPONG - Forecast Track as of October 7, 2014 Latest!
16th. PAENG
18th. RUBIE
20th. TOMAS
21st. USMAN
22nd. VENUS
23rd. WALDO
24th. YAYANG
25th. ZENY



PAGASA Tropical Cyclone Names (As of June 1, 2013)

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