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PAGASA List of Typhoon Names for 2013, 2017 and 2021

Philippines is a typhoon belt and can be visited by as much as two typhoons in a row - Typhoon JULIAN and IGME visited our country last August 2012 - a possible FUJIWARA Effect between the two typhoons.

There are two weather seasons in the Philippines - Summer and Rainy Season. We are also a typhoon belt and an average of 20 typhoons visited our country every year and 9 making a landfall.

Since our country is archipelago and surrounded by bodies of water, weather changes very fast in time and space and accurate forecasting is a very challenging job. We are also vulnerable to climate change effects, an increase in ocean temperatures lead to frequent rains and strong typhoons.

PAGASA prepared a list of 25 typhoons and 10 Auxiliary names (in case it exceeded the 25). Typhoon names are repeated every 4 years and those that are deadliest for the year are being removed and replaced by other names (example ONDOY, SENDONG and PABLO are all removed).

Below is PAGASA list of Typhoon names for 2013 and their respective tracks. If you are looking for Typhoon names for 2014, here are the list.

PAGASA List of Typhoon Names for 2013, 2017 and 2021

1st. AURING - Forecast Track January 3, 2013
2nd. BISING - Forecast Track January 11, 2013
3rd. CRISING - Forecast Track February 18, 2013
4th. DANTE - Forecast Track June 7, 2013
5th. EMONG - Forecast Track June 16, 2013
6th. FABIAN - Forecast Track June 20, 2013
7th. GORIO - Forecast Track June 27, 2013
8th. HUANING - LPA July 4, 2013Forecast Track July 8, 2013
9th. ISANG - Forecast Track July 16, 2013
10th. JOLINA - LPA July 19, 2013LPA July 26, 2013 Forecast Track
11th. KIKO - LPA July 31, 2013Forecast Track August 5,2013
12th. LABUYO - Forecast Track August 9, 2013
13th. MARING - Forecast Track August 17, 2013
14th. NANDO - LPA August 23, 2013
15th. ODETTE - LPA Sept. 10, 2013, Forecast Track Sept. 16, 2013
16th. PAOLO - LPA Sept. 25, 2013
17th. QUEDAN - Forecast Track Sept. 29, 2013
18th. RAMIL - Forecast Track October 6, 2013
19th. SANTI - Forecast Track October 8, 2013
20th. TINO - Forecast Track October 14, 2013 
21st. URDUJA - Forecast Track October 22, 2013 / Forecast Track December 12-17, 2017
22nd. VINTA - Forecast Track October 29, 2013
23rd. WILMA - Forecast Track November 4, 2013
24th. YOLANDA - Forecast Track November 6, 2013
25th. ZORAIDA - Forecast Track November 11, 2013



PAGASA Tropical Cyclone Names (As of January 2017)

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