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GbSb's Top 5 Most Read Technology Blog Post for 2012

GbSb's Top 5 Most Read Tech Blog Post for 2012

In a few days, we were entering 2013 with full of optimism and leaving 2012 with lot of improvements from technology.

The landscape of technology in the Philippines ranges from advanced weather forecasting (DOST Project NOAH), upgrades of telecommunication infrastructure to fiber optics to support LTE technology, improvement on transportation (DOST Monorail AGT system) and consumer electronics (Filipinos are shifting from feature phones to affordable smartphones and tablets).

Even though technology has good benefits, society can choose what is best to implement and which works for them.

Here are my top 5 most read blog post this 2012 and I want to share it with you.

GbSb's Top 5 Most Read Technology Blog Post for 2012

Top 1: Wings of Destiny PH - Hunter Fast Leveling and Skill Guide

Filipinos really like MMORPG games and Wings of Destiny (WoD) PH is one example. WoD PH is one of IGG games aside from popular Godswar Online. The game is browser Massive Multiplayer Online RPG launched last September 2012 and it's about the epic story of heaven and mortal realms.

Top 2: Cherry Mobile FLARE and TITAN Price and Specs

Filipinos like texting and connecting on social network sites and affordable smartphones such as Cherry Mobile FLARE (P3,999) and TITAN (P6,499) are taken by storm this past few months.

Both of them are running on dual-core processor and CM FLARE is dubbed as "DUAL CORE ng BAYAN" and the reason is simple, FLARE is the cheapest dual-core Android phone currently available in the Philippine market today.

Top 3: Cloudfone Thrill 400g, 430g, 430x and 500g Price and Specs

As affordable Android phones dominate the market, a lot of consumers are complaining on battery hunger droidz and what makes Cloudfone differ to other competitors was their latest Thrill 430x (P7,777) with massive 4160 mAh battery capacity than can last up to 3 days on a single charge.

Top 4: Canon Pixma MP287 All in One Printer Specs and Hands On Review

Pixma MP287 All in One printer (P3,495) is one of Canon's top seller printer for 2012. What I like with this printer? it's versatile, fast and with high quality print and scan output. The only cons of this printer is expensive genuine ink.

Top 5: How to Fix/Troubleshoot Canon Pixma MP287 Printer Error Codes

Last but not the least of the ranking, as popularity of Canon MP287 printer grows, a lot of people are having problems with their peripheral device, a first hand troubleshooting tips is very helpful.

Thanks so much to all my readers and Happy New Year!

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