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Angry Birds Game Pictures, Awards, Editions and How it Works

Angry Birds Halloween 2011 - 2012
Angry Birds is a physics and puzzle game released on mobile phones by Rovio on December 2009 and became no. 1 hit mobile game and now it can be played on social networking sites. As of October 2011, it has 400 millions of downloads throughout the world including the 3 types of editions (Classic, Seasons, RIO and latest installment Angry Birds Space).

If you like puzzle games, this is really the one for you. It can be played on Symbian phones, android, playstation, MAC and Windows OS. It is also available on social networking sites Facebook and Google+ and it will be the next best social networking games out there.


1. Nominee for "Best Casual Game" - February 2010
2. "4th best iPhone Game" by IGN - September 2010
3. "Best Game App" - UK Appy Awards April 2011
4. "Best Game for Handheld Devices" - Webby Awards

Angry Birds - How the Game Works

In the game, you uses slingshot to launches birds to kill those evil green pigs who stole their eggs. The objective of the game is to eliminate all the pigs in the level by directly hitting them or by debris from structures. The next level is unlocked if all pigs are defeated and players receive stars( one, two or three) depending on your score. This is physics game type which means that projectile motion, movements, momentum, force, angle, gravity and velocity obey physics rule.

Angry Birds RIO Boss Level 2-15

Types of Birds and it's Special Abilities

1. Blue bird - can turn into 3 birds
2. Yellow bird - can speed up while in the air
3. Black bird - like atomic bomb, can explodes
4. White bird - can drop explosive egg
5. Kingfisher or green bird - can turn around like a boomerang
6. Parrot - can flap it's wings
7. Double birds or the Big Blue birds - can travel in straight line.
8. Giant Red bird - causes more damage than the smaller red bird.

Angry Birds RIO Boss Level 4-15

Types of Pigs

1. Small pigs - easy to kill
2. Larger pigs - can sustain more damage
3. Pigs with helmet - hard to kill, more resistant to damage
4. Pigs with crown -  can take the most damage

Note: Monkey evils can be seen on Angry Birds RIO edition.

Angry Birds Pictures and Editions:

1. Angry Birds Classic:
Angry Birds Classic

2. Angry Birds Seasons: Includes Halloween, Summer, Valentines Day, Easter and Christmas.
Angry Birds Seasons

Angry Birds Halloween, Valentines Day, Christmas and Summer

3. Angry Birds RIO
Angry Birds RIO
4. Angry Birds Space

Angry Birds Space

Don’t be angry with angry birds if you have a hard time killing all those evil pigs. You can play the levels unlimited number of times so try and try again if you failed or to beat your own high score. Take your time and be patient and enjoy this puzzle social networking game.

Try: Angry Birds Chrome, Facebook, Google+ and Angry Birds Seasons PC version.
Angry Birds Chrome
Angry Birds Facebook
Angry Birds Google+
Angry Birds Seasons PC version


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